The augmented news review
for decision-makers
Jervis is a suite of business solutions equipped with artificial intelligence to help today’s decision-makers better inform themselves and drive their business strategy.
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Focus on the essentials
Jervis Executive makes an intelligent and personalised selection of key news items using our artificial intelligence algorithm.
Jervis executive
Spot the trends
Jervis Platform allows you to exploit all identified data and analyse trends at a glance.
Jervis Platform
Expert insights
Jervis Intelligence is the JIN agency’s strategic intelligence service that harnesses the power of our solutions to provide you with detailed and tailored analyses of your news.
Jervis Intelligence
Your augmented news review assistant
AI powered
Through a proprietary algorithm developed with years of experience from working with 100+ brands, Jervis makes a smart selection of strategic information targeted to your individual needs.
Smart notifications
Get real time notifications throughout the day about critical topics that you would have missed.

Stay focused on your daily work. You will be alerted only if necessary.
Simplicity by design
Our goal is to boost your performance by bringing simplicity to your business decision-making.

Jervis Executive has been designed to put information first, within a user-friendly interface
A powerful web platform to
monitor and analyse online conversations.
Derive the most
of your insights
Access all the information at a glance. Edit, comment and analyse the data before sharing it with your peers.

Fear of missing out? Receive real-time alerts directly into your inbox.
Identify key opinion leaders
Politicians, reporters or expert groups; with our advanced automatic filters, Jervis Platform helps you identify targeted key opinion leaders and access insightful information.

It’s time to know who is talking about what matters to you.
Analyse key trends
around your business
Visualise trends and pinpoint significant changes. Identify opportunities and challenges when topics of your interest are mentioned.
The insights you need to drive your strategy,
from communication experts
worth reading
Receive a newsletter curated by our experts with insights for you and your stakeholders. Weekly, monthly or even daily; choose the frequency that suits you best.
If there was only one news email to read, it would be this one.
Reports worth
Get in-depth analyses on market trends and competitor actions. At JIN, our team of consultants are experts in communications. By combining Jervis KPIs with that expertise, they provide targeted recommendations that meet your communication objectives and support your board of directors in their decision-making.
Crisis management
Even if Jervis can help you anticipate incoming crises, those still need to be monitored and managed. Our team of experts can provide you with regular feedback so you don’t miss any critical mention.
For many years, our customers have trusted us to support them.
Jervis has been
created by Jin
An international communication agency
JIN is specialized in digital influence and public relations.
Since 2012, JIN has served hundreds of clients to promote their leadership and build their reputations as well as accelerate the growth of their communities and businesses.
JIN is based in France, UK, Germany and the US with a global reach across 40 countries.
JIN believes in Tech and develops its own.
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